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Body fusion on-Form can now give you a full foot analysis and custom mould your insoles why you wait. Your feet act as your platform for your entire body. Incorrect alignment of the feet can often create muscle, ligament, tendon or joint pain.

Studies have shown that over 75% of the population suffers from a form of foot mal-alignment.


Why Footbalance customized insoles?


Most insoles on the market today assume that your feet fit standard readymade off the shelve insoles. In truth, the case often tends to be that they either are too soft, lack vital support or too hard.

This can weaken foot muscles, leading on to other soft tissue injuries throughout the body.


Custom made insoles, moulded here at Body Fusion, help evenly spread body weight and loading to reduce foot fatigue and help align ankles, knees and hips. This aids the prevention of wear and tear on ligaments, tendons and joints.

Custom made insoles can also re-address and improve posture, release unnecessary muscle tension and prevent nerve impingement.

Importantly they can increase the enjoyment of your sports specific discipline and general exercise achievements, leading to a better quality of life.






Footbalance insoles with sports specific in mind


After we have taken a series of photos of your feet and completed the foot analysis we then customize your insoles to your sports specific foot wear, from gym to running trainers, football or rugby boots, golf and racquets sports shoes even snowboard and ski footwear.

Our Insole is dynamic to strengthen foot muscles and facilitate healthy foot function within your field of sports.

All insoles purchased at body fusion are 100% customized to increase overall comfort and give you enhance performance. Thus making sure you leave here 100% happy.


Correct your foot alignment and improve your mind, body and…. SOLES