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Welcome to Body Fusion on-form

At Body Fusion on-Form we believe that each and every one of our clients is an individual. We therefore develop bespoke programs for Sports Injury issues, Sports Specific Training, Core Corrective/Postural Exercises and not forgetting Optimum Sports Nutrition.

We offer an advanced service providing foot analysis and custom made insoles for all types of sporting and formal footwear.

We also provide sports events services and community fitness programs. You can read more in our news section.

Body Fusion stays on top of the latest studies and ensures that we offer a service that will deliver results from the performance of the mind through to the performance of your sport.   

We believe that health, fitness and well being is about truly understanding the complexities of the human brain and body and how it functions together naturally.

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We stand by our mission statement:

Connecting mind and body for maximum performance


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Foot analysis and custom

made insoles



Co-ordination, power and

Speed. Postural Balance and

Core Stability





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