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What is it?
A technique that offers rapid and lasting relief from the pain and loss of function caused by many of the most common injuries affecting the nerves, muscles, connective tissue and joints.
How does it work?
When an area of the body is injured, whether it is muscle, connective tissue, fascia, tendon or some combination of these elements (as most injuries are), the body handles the trauma to tissues by a swelling of the affected tissue followed by a fibrous healing – the rapid laying down of scar tissue to protect the involved areas. Scar tissue adhesions can remain in the tissues for years after the original injury, limiting both muscle strength and range of motion, and, in turn, affecting nerve function.
Who is this for?
NMR is not a ‘nice massage’. Firm pressure is used to push through adhesions and scar tissue which has formed in the muscle fibre.
Muscle Energy Techniques. Neuromuscular Re-Education. Soft Tissue Release. Deep Tissue Massage. Ultrasound Therapy.