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Pre-event Massage

Before an event or activity, massaging the major muscles which are to be used will help an athlete/competitor to prepare for the challenge ahead physically and psychologically. A pre-event massage can be performed a few minutes or hours before the athlete is due to compete or it can be performed the day prior the event as part of the athletes training programme. The aim of the massage and techniques, depth and pressure used will vary depending on when the pre-event massage is performed.


Inter –event massage

Inter-event massage is performed during a series of activities for example, match games or track and field events or ultimate discus etc, in between each event the sports therapist will isolate and prepare individual muscles for the activity ahead. In this instance the massage may last anything between 3 and 10 minutes or up to 25 minutes depending on each individual situation.








Post-event massage

After an event, competition or physical activity, it is important that an athlete/competitor allows the body to recover from the stress that has been placed upon it during the event. The process, post event will consist of a cool down, followed by effective stretching to reduce the risk of muscle soreness. A post-event massage will be performed lasting between 10 to 30 minutes, this helps accelerate the recovery process, remove waste products from the muscle tissue, which helps to reduce discomfort/pain associated with delayed onset muscle soreness.

If you are a sports event organiser, and would like further information on the services Body Fusion on-Form provide together with attendance fees, please contact us. Help your competitors gain a better understanding of what they should do pre/post event thus making sure they are fit to re-enter your event year after year.


Events Service


Body fusion on-form provides a sports therapy service at certain events around the midlands and Southern region.

The service we provide is to make sure the athlete/competitor is ready for their event, i.e. warm up, pre-event massage inter-event manipulation/massage and post- event massage and control stretches, as well as looking after minor injuries.