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Sports specific
Whether you are training for a Triathlon, Marathon or track and field event, want to improve in your racket sport or trying to decrease your handicap in golf we can help you. We provide one to one sessions incorporating both mental and physical training to address both mind and body as one, enhancing your ability to achieve your full potential. A thorough bio-mechanical analysis will be performed along with the completion of a goal sheet that will direct your sports coach in the design and implementation of your Sports Specific Program.

Speed Enhancement is something that athletes want to achieve to improve their performance. The application of speed enhancement drills, flexibility training and strength training principles will result in an improved fitness level.  
We adopt proven exercise practices, and these, combined with our extensive experience and an appreciation of your goals and motivations will ensure you achieve the results you are looking for and take you to the next level of your game..
Your sessions will be about understanding technique, consistency and mental performance.
Have you got what it takes to be the athlete in you ?
Personal training
At Body Fusion we are dedicated to providing you with a quality Personal Training service. We will help you to reach your goals through safe and effective professional guidance on health, fitness and sports related programming (also see Sports Specific).
Whether your goal is health and fat loss, speed and performance, or injury rehab, we are confident that you can achieve your targets. With a combination of healthy eating, tailored fitness programs and regular motivational workout sessions, your goal is within your grasp.
Your training could be a combination of techniques for postural correction, performance and stamina and will take into account your current fitness and activity levels:
Through our expertise we have helped clients improve their performance in life and sports.
You have everything to gain and only lbs to lose ....