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What is it?

High frequency sound waves that are inaudible to the human ear are passed from a special machine into the body.

How does it work?

These sound waves in turn produce heat which helps relieve pain and aid the healing process by increasing blood flow.

Who is this for?

Anyone who has an injury to either muscle, ligaments tendons or joints

Benefits of ultrasound therapy

In acute situations it may enhance early healing and resolution of the inflammatory. It may help to reduce and control pain. It can improve local circulation, and therefore the nutrition to a site of injury. It can reduce muscle spasm. It may improve the healing of chronic tendon injuries. It may improve the rate of healing fractures

Benefits of electrical muscle stimulation

Improves  endurance of muscle. Improves neuromuscular re- education. Can be combined with active contractions. Minimize muscle atrophy following injury. Can promote an earlier return to active and functional exercise